Like many baby boomers I had to face a personal dilemma after I retired. What was I going to do? How was I going to be useful and viable in the 21st century? What was I going to do with all the free time and a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through a life  of employment? Like most of my contemporaries I looked forward to retirement but I didn’t look forward to being idle. I hear many people say that they can’t wait until they retire. They said they looked forward to having nothing to do; no schedule to meet, no business trips or decisions to make, just a life of leisure.

Needless to say that wasn’t for me; I enjoy getting up in the morning with the prospect of new challenges, new discoveries and making a contribution to life. With retirement comes the opportunity to broaden one’s horizons to undertake projects of interest for passion and sometimes profit.

So the question that came to me is what shall I do? What shall I do with my over 30 years of public service? What shall I do with my over 30 years of experience as a Baptist minister? What shall I do with my desire to secure a better future? What shall I do with my inquisitive mind that continues to seek answers to contemporary problems? Even though the response varies for each of us, I decided to pursue the things that make me happy.

My only problem is that I have so many interests that I had to decide what to pursue first. In my former career I discovered that the computer had the power to multiply one’s efforts exponentially. I love communicating thus the computer became the stage on which I performed. There are endless opportunities to write and publish articles, short stories and novels on the computer. Through the computer and the world becomes your customer if you have a product or service that is valued. And the thing that is great is the affordability of working in cyberspace.

In this blog I plan to discuss some of my interests primarily to encourage others who have retired to use the wealth of knowledge that they’ve gained over their life for passion and for profit. One of my interests is affiliated marketing. What I love about affiliate marketing is that whatever your interests are there is a niche for you on the World Wide Web.

Affiliate marketing and advertising is a technique of advertising the services and products of a particular business.  By promoting the products or services of another business the affiliate marketer can generate income in various ways.  It is that element of marketing and advertising in which you commit minimum cash and produce optimum income online.  It is a legal way to make money online without having to own your own products.  However, many persons who begin as affiliates go on to create their own unique products and develop their own affiliate networks.  Personally, I believe affiliate promotion is the simplest way to begin generating income online.

As with any business internet marketing needs to be approached very carefullyThe Online World has more than its share of unscrupulous people who will take advantage of a novice affiliate. Online marketing isn’t a make money fast program, but you can begin in your free time needing very little capital.  It is among the best and effective means of making money on the webAffiliate marketing online is frequently hyped as a advertising and marketing method which is simple to get involved with due to very low cost to do business issues.

Internet affiliate marketing is a booming industry, estimated to be worth  $4 Billion by 2014 .  It is a great business for anyone who is interested in marketing to investigate.

Admittedly I am new to affiliate marketing and have not earned a great deal of money however I recognize the unlimited potential for wealth building through internet affiliate marketing.