With the state of the world economy , it has become increasingly important to find ways to earn extra income.  As employment demographics continue to change,  persons young and old find the need learn how to earn extra money.  More and more persons are learning how to make money from home.  The loss of middle class jobs has contributed to an increased interest in how to make money online.

For the past ten years I have been a casual observer of the greatest marketing revolution in the history of the world. This revolution is worldwide in scope because of the power of the internet and its unlimited possibilities. Buying and selling is as easy as using your computer or smart phone. Internet marketing is a part of every business entity directly or indirectly. It increases efficiency, productivity and profitability of businesses large and small. Today, going to work in an office may mean an office located in your home.  Thousands of people are discovering how to make extra money from home.

One question that comes to mind is “why should I be interested in internet marketing?” Other questions include:

What are the qualifications to be an internet marketer?  Can a person earn an income as an internet marketer? What costs are associated with being an internet marketer? What does the future hold for internet marketing?

There is one constant reality that you and I must deal with and that is the reality of change. One of our greatest attributes as humans is our ability to change and evolve. Often these changes occur gradually and we accept the inevitable. As a child, our home had no electricity and oil lamps provided light. The first TV we owned had a 10 inch screen, compare that to todays’ flat screens. Every day, the iceman, Mr. Jesse Bowman, would arrive in his mule drawn wagon with a block of ice for the ice box. These are only a few changes witnessed in my life time. When I graduated high school it was common for a man to work for the same employer for 30 or 40 years. Persons entering the workforce today can expect to change jobs several times. Today,  jobs which supported middle-class status have been automated with robots or outsourced to low wage countries.

Today,  persons who desire a higher standard of living need to find new ways to provide the income needed to pay the higher costs of living. Internet marketing is one way to generate an income with low startup costs and the ability to work a flexible schedule.  There are several ways to make money on line and online marketing is here to stay.

There are no specific educational requirements to be an internet marketer however to be successful one must embrace training because the industry is constantly changing and becoming more competitive.

There are many persons who earn above average incomes in internet marketing but know that it does not happen overnight. Internet marketing requires knowledge, persistence and patience; contrary to what many consultants say, this is not a get rich quick endeavor.

One of the mistakes made frequently is the failure to lay the appropriate ground work for doing business. First, a person should form a corporation to protect him or herself from potential legal liability matters. Next, establish an accounting system which meets the requirements of state and federal bodies. Part of the cost of doing business is paying taxes, licenses and other fees. Negligence in obeying the law will cause unnecessary hardships.

Finally, the entrepreneur should have a website built specifically for business purposes. While there are many website hosting companies available, I strongly recommend HostGator because you can obtain both your domain name and hosting from the same company. Another benefit of HostGator is they have reseller plans at a very low price. Reseller Plans Are Designed For You To Earn Money! With a reseller plan you pay a monthly fee which allows you to host an unlimited number of domains. This is important because once you establish a profitable website you will want to replicate this site. The reseller account saves time and money. In closing,  HostGator provides excellent support

The future is bright for internet marketing, check it out for yourself, I’m sure that you’ll agree.